Your partner in all organic fertilizers throughout Europe

Mostert & Van de Weg was established more than 30 years ago by Klaas Mostert and Wim van de Weg.

They started to sell and transport organic fertilizers from surplus areas to areas where there was a shortage of organic fertilizers. In 2010 the company was transferred to the current owners, Johan and Andre Mostert. Currently, the company operates at all levels of the Food & Agri chain, amongst others transport of organic fertilizers, biomass, foodproducts, and storage and transhipment of a variety of agricultural products. All operations are in compliance with regulatory requirements and industry certifications. In addition, in 2013 Mostert & Van de Weg entered into a strategic partnership with BMWW AGRI Services, an agricultural service supply agency, offering contractor services to stock- and cropfarms.