Liquid manure

Mustert & van de Weg trades in and transports liquid manure.

We have various storage facilities spread throughout the Netherlands, so we can provide our customers with large quantities of manure in a short time.

The transport is carried out by our own tankers.

  • Cattle slurry
  • Pig slurry
  • Digistat
  • Bloodwater
  • Mineral concentrate
  • Liquid by-products for digester
  • Wastewater, sludge and waste products from the food industry

Do you have a manure deficiency? Or do you have too much manure?

Liquid fertilizers are an alternative to solid manure. Liquid fertilizers are used because of its various advantages. For example, these fertilizers can be easily mixed and applied, and are generally easier to absorb by crops than solid fertilizers. This is because liquid fertilizers have a larger contact surface and do not have to dissolve them first. For liquid fertilizers, however, a different application applies and the method is different than for solid fertilizers. Inquire about the possibilities without obligation.

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Why Mostert & van de Weg

Own fleet

We take care of the transport through our own fleet. We have the following certificates: SKAL, HACCP and GMP certificates.

Planning and logistics

All activities are in our own hands, such as planning, logistics and administration. Thanks to our short communication lines and knowledge of the sectors, we bring supply and demand together. We know the latest developments in the market and respond to them as best we can. Quality is of paramount importance as is the fulfillment of agreements.


Mostert en Van de Weg is now a household name in the agricultural market. We are ambitious and are continuously looking for new markets in the agricultural sector within Europe.