Chicken manure

We are looking for chicken manure with or without processing. Using our own transport, walking floor and container cars, we collect the chicken manure directly from you. We have years of experience and have various sales channels within the Netherlands or abroad. Depending on the quality, we will find a suitable solution for you. We can guarantee a continuous purchase. We also take care of the administration and ensure that the correct documents are present at the disposal.

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Below you can read about the different types of chicken manure.

Dried chicken manure

Chicken manure consists of the droppings of chickens, which is often dried by the poultry farmer's drying system. When it is dry enough, we collect this manure and bring it to a location that processes this manure.

Tyre fertilizer
Tire manure comes from the manure belt. In consultation with the poultry farmer, we ensure that the truck arrives on time so that the manure belt can be spun in the truck.

Chicken manure organic

Organic chicken manure is 100% natural. Organic poultry manure comes from companies that are Skal certified and meet the Skal requirements. This manure is suitable for organic arable farming and contributes to a fertile and sustainable soil.

broiler manure

Broiler manure is produced by broiler chickens. A broiler is a chicken that is bred specifically for the production of meat. Broiler manure is a natural source of nitrogen and organic matter. This makes broiler manure an important ingredient for feeding the soil.

Mother animals/Raising manure

Mother animals/rearing manure comes from mother animals and rearing hens. This manure is usually phosphate-rich and therefore has a good fertilizer value.

Rocker Manure

Rooster manure is a fairly new concept within the manure trade. Would you like to obtain more information about this? Please contact us.

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Why Mostert & van de Weg

Own fleet

We take care of the transport through our own fleet. We have the following certificates: SKAL, HACCP and GMP certificates.

Planning and logistics

All activities are in our own hands, such as planning, logistics and administration. Thanks to our short communication lines and knowledge of the sectors, we bring supply and demand together. We know the latest developments in the market and respond to them as best we can. Quality is of paramount importance as is the fulfillment of agreements.


Mostert en Van de Weg is now a household name in the agricultural market. We are ambitious and are continuously looking for new markets in the agricultural sector within Europe.

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