Forage trade

Mostert & van de Weg is active in the forage trade of hay, straw and maize. We supply and transport your forage trade of the highest quality all year round. For example, we mainly supply wheat straw and barley straw in the Netherlands. Our straw comes from Germany and France. Thanks to our years of experience, we know exactly what you need.


High quality forage

Our hay and straw mainly comes from the Netherlands and France and is of the 1st quality. We deliver the forage to your location entirely according to your wishes and by appointment. Give your stables a boost with our high quality forage.

With us you can count on the best quality of forage for each animal, curious which forage you need?
We are happy to look together at the right option for your animals. Ask without obligation for more information and we will be happy to give you personal advice.


Fourage Trade – Hay

  • Meadow hay
  • Grass seed hay
  • Grass silage

Fourage trading – Straw

  • Barley straw
  • Wheat straw
  • Canola straw

Fourage trade – Corn

  • Maize silage
  • Sweet corn

Forage trade - Hay

We ensure that our products are selected with care. You can contact us for the best quality meadow hay and grass seed hay.

Meadow hay
Meadow hay is created by a lot of sun and wind and is therefore obtained in a natural way. Our meadow hay is dried on the land and shaken regularly so that the hay product is free from poisonous plants and harmful weeds such as Jacobspowder. This makes the forage hay suitable for livestock and complies with the GMP+ guidelines.

Grass seed hay
Grass seed hay is extracted from several types of grass and is released during the extraction of grass seed. Our grass seed hay is free from endophytes and (toxic) weeds. This makes Grass Seed Hay especially suitable for calves. Grass seed hay contains little nutritional value, making it an ideal product for, for example, non-performance animals.

Grass silage
The name says it all. Silage consists of grass that is preserved in a grass silage. To speed up the drying process, it is often mowed with a mower-conditioner. To achieve a dry matter content of 50%, the grass is often dried on the land after mowing. The forage silage is often fed to cows in the winter months.

At forage trade Mostert & van de Weg offers square or round bales, cut and uncut. Contact us for more information.

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Forage trading - Straw

Good nutrition is very important for your livestock. A well-balanced diet promotes health. As a forage trade we can help with this. Our straw is of the highest quality.

What straw consists of are dry flowering stems of cereal plants. By threshing the grain from these plants, straw is created. And in the forage trade there are several types of straw.

Barley straw
Barley straw is mainly seen as a by-product for grain cultivation. Barley straw has a higher nutritional value than wheat straw and absorbs moisture less easily. It is therefore excellent for dairy cattle, young stock and goats, both as bedding and for feed.

Wheat straw
The forage trade product ground wheat straw absorbs moisture very easily. The moisture absorption is very high and this makes this product a suitable bedding for the stables. Ground wheat straw does not remove nitrogen from the manure, but instead adds it.

As a forage trade, we also sell chopped wheat straw. Thanks to the latest techniques, this wheat straw is virtually dust-free. Because the wheat straw is shorter, the moisture absorption is higher.

Canola straw
Canola straw is used as bedding for horses. In addition, it is a beautiful straw type for dairy cattle. Due to its nutritional value, it gives the dairy cattle a rumen prick which stimulates milk production.

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Forage trade - Corn

Nowadays, the forage trade product maize is indispensable. Our maize is chopped and stored with great care. Excellent feed for your livestock.

Our silage maize can be supplied all year round. It is a natural product and is delivered fresh. The composition and nutritional value are determined depending on the variety, infection and growing season. You can also contact us outside the harvest. Outside the harvest, the product is delivered in the form of ensiled maize.

Maize silage is a natural source of energy. Due to the high dry matter content, silage maize is the main ingredient for beef cattle and therefore indispensable.

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We take care of the transport through our own fleet. We have the following certificates: SKAL, HACCP and GMP certificates.

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All activities are in our own hands, such as planning, logistics and administration. Thanks to our short communication lines and knowledge of the sectors, we bring supply and demand together. We know the latest developments in the market and respond to them as best we can. Quality is of paramount importance as is the fulfillment of agreements.


Mostert en Van de Weg is now a household name in the agricultural market. We are ambitious and are continuously looking for new markets in the agricultural sector within Europe.