Organic fertilizer

Mostert & van de Weg is active in the organic fertilizer market. In this sector it is important that the administration is handled correctly with the correct certificates for all organic products. We take care of the transport completely ourselves. As a result, we guarantee a professional delivery and operation by professionals. After transport, we ensure that the correct transport receipts and certificates are sent.

Our organic fertilizer products:

  • Organic solid and liquid cattle manure
  • Organic solid and liquid pig manure
  • Organic chicken manure
  • Organic goat manure
  • Biological digistate, are digistat and solid fraction separated after manure.
  • Organic hay and straw

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Why Mostert & van de Weg

Own fleet

We take care of the transport through our own fleet. We have the following certificates: SKAL, HACCP and GMP certificates.

Planning and logistics

All activities are in our own hands, such as planning, logistics and administration. Thanks to our short communication lines and knowledge of the sectors, we bring supply and demand together. We know the latest developments in the market and respond to them as best we can. Quality is of paramount importance as is the fulfillment of agreements.


Mostert en Van de Weg is now a household name in the agricultural market. We are ambitious and are continuously looking for new markets in the agricultural sector within Europe.